A dedicated channel and tailor-made programs

Bluetens never would have left you on your own with the App. You will soon benefit from customized coaching, through your smartphone, which will guide you in your first steps or help you achieve your goals. Connected health is the price. The brand wants to emphasize the importance of proximity to its users.
Explanations available free of charge on the official website, a whole new blog, YouTube channel with tutorial videos, possibility to ask questions online…: the system is very reactive. Explanations.

A dedicated YouTube channel

This is one of the major innovations of this year 2016: the opening of a YouTube channel dedicated to the use of Bluetens with the house Coach Sebastien Espinosa’s expert advices. How to place the electrodes? What program for what kind of pain? Which position to adopt? All these questions together with many other topics will be answered. Check it out soon on your screens (tablet screen for better comfort).

Tailor-made programs

The other good news for this spring is the arrival of a new tool created by Heath and Sports Professionals able to customize programs tailored to your needs. The Bluetens App has already allowed you to save some programs under “Favorites” and schedule your favorite sessions under “Calendar”. It has also given you the possibility to send a program to the device memory enabling you to use it without your smartphone. It will soon allow you to store a few customized programs to alleviate your pain and improve your performance. This is also the key advantage of connected objects!

Exercise and stretching tips

Who says coaching, also says training. We have already discussed about it under the strengthening section: the electro stimulation’s benefits are more effective with additional exercises. That is more fitting because the Bluetens App also offers many tips as well as stretching advices to capitalize on the undertaken work. Find them at the end of each program and feel free to share your impressions on our Facebook page. It is also thanks to your experience that Bluetens is evolving and that Bluetens community can benefit from it.

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