The first pocket-format physiotherapist connected to your Smartphone

A pocket-format electro stimulator connected to your Smartphone: nowadays this idea sounds obvious, but somebody had to think of it. This is the very first device, Bluetens, which is today worth being part of the best start-ups of this very dynamic French Tech community, keeps seducing. Why?
Thanks to its free-of-charge Application, downloadable in just a few seconds, this new ‘plug and play’ device is easy to use, ergonomic – it has been awarded the “2016 design observer ” – and it’s medically certified for its positive impact on health. Today its success is such, that large automotive companies and the Army are interested to adapt it to their relaxation and recovery needs.

Blue as Bluetooth

Now back to our topic. You will have realized that Bluetens’ greatest strength lies in its innovation. While most of its competitors are still developing electro-stimulators loaded with screens and technology, Bluetens’ designers decided to separate the case from its brain. Since one French citizen out of two owns a Smartphone (according to the latest statistics dated 2015, smartphone owners rate reached 98% in the 18-24 age group) in studies of this socio demographic group, it has also been found to have the most disposable income, allowing for greater purchasing of wearable technology and other devices connected to their phone. , at Bluetens they had the idea .to use “Bluetooth” technology to control their device. This successful concept allowed them to conquer the market with a modern, nomadic and economic product, not cumbersome so it can be used everywhere, both on vacation as well as at work. Another Application advantage is the ability to keep evolving. Bluetens users will not need to go “back to the store” to access new features and update more than 150 existing programs: notifications will warn them directly on their screen when updates are available. A true timesaver, preventing unnecessary losses of energy.

Did you know ?

The “Bluetooth” name comes from the nickname given to Harald I, King of Denmark: Harald Blâtand, “the blue tooth man”.

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