The most common pathologies

There is nothing worse than a poorly treated sprain or an old lumbago awakening. Recurrence, beyond pain, imposes you a forced rest and for quite some time. The solution? Strengthening using electrostimulation, a key factor to treat pathologies over the long-term. Muscle deficiency forces another part of your body to take the lead mechanically and it is just the first of the problems! You should know that muscle tone provides a good protection to joints and relieves the back from time constraints. With Bluetens, don’t ignore this action and take care of yourself.


As its name suggests, tendonitis is an affection of the tendons that are the tissues that allow attaching muscles to bones. It is a very painful affection, which generally comes after a series of repeated movements. An intensive tennis practice after a long break or the computer’s keyboard extended use easily foster tendonitis, but beyond that, it is also important not to ignore the other causes that can trigger this pathology: infections and food diet. Body areas most often affected are shoulders, elbows, wrists, feet (heels) and ankles.

Muscle injury (muscle sprain)

When the muscle is overly used, it is possible that muscle fibers fail and lead to a strained muscle. The most affected muscles are biceps, calves and thighs; the pain is immediate and the feeling is similar to being stabbed in the back. It needs to be treated carefully by consulting a doctor.


During physical activities or after a fall, it is possible that the foot is badly positioned and the ankle or knee starts to rotate, the same for the wrist… Ouch… Yes, it does hurt, the pain is sharp and the area starts to swell: it is a sprain. Ligaments have been extended and we need to alleviate the pain quickly.

Chronic muscular pain

You feel tense, and your stress translates into muscle tension in the neck, from the middle to the lower back. Your muscles need a boost to relieve tensions. Because of the contracture, toxins keep accumulating in your muscles, which do not work naturally anymore; this is the onset of pain. Either chronic or temporary, this pain is haunting and parasitizes your daily life.


Intense and unusual effort, high performance competition or extended sports activity, certain muscles, like calves for example, may remain quite tight. It is not surprising if tensions involve also a mild pain. Muscle needs to return to its natural state by relaxing and improving blood circulation..

Neck pain

Around two thirds of the French population face neck pain in their life leading local stiffness (torticollis). An unsuitable position or a wrong move is often responsible for that stiffness. For example, working on the computer is a risky behavior. Tensions in muscles prevent them from being correctly irrigated by blood, thus by oxygen and nutrients. Therefore the muscle looses its flexibility and regenerative capacity, which makes it even more vulnerable. Thus, it is useful to drain the muscle, oxygenate it and allow it to regain all its properties by relieving it from tensions.


Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread and harsh pain diffused throughout the body. A continuous pain results in great fatigue, sleep disorder, feeding difficulties, or digestion problems. Feelings can be acute, continuous, disabling. A gentle and effective treatment needs to be set quickly in order to relieve the person and regain a general feeling of well-being. Drinking lemon-water in combination with yoga stretches might improve the health condition.

Venous insufficiency

Veins don’t work properly and blood collects in lower limbs. At the end of the day, you feel heavy and your calves are swollen. It’s the venous circular deficit that causes the pain that needs to be soothed.

Heavy legs

More commonly seen in women, the phenomenon of heavy legs sometimes comes with cramps or a tingling sensation. Poor blood flow in calves leaves an impression of heaviness and exposes you to an extreme fatigability.

Back pain

Back pain can show up at any point of the vertebral column and is accompanied by symptom involving pain, tension and muscle stiffness. You often feel this pain in your lower back, because it is the area that holds the greater weight and is subject to most mechanical strains. This pathology causes tissues to get irritated and muscles to atrophy.

Lower back pain

The lack of muscles and abdominals’ tonicity makes it much harder for the lower back, which is already extremely stimulated by the torso. As support is not ideal, the discs between vertebrae are crushed and the muscles atrophy. Pain can be chronic or acute, due to a false move (lumbago).


Do you feel an acute pain due to a false move or to a too heavy load? Pain occurs brutally and sets for few days; your back is broken in two. This is called lumbago.

Chronic joint pain (knee osteoarthritis)

Joints are particularly sensitive to shocks, poor postures and the age. They become inflamed and do not perform their basic functions. Abnormal wear causes pain; the most frequently affected joints are the knees, wrists and those from the vertebral column. However, the other joints, such as shoulders, ankles and hips, can also be affected.

Chronic elbow pain (Epicondylitis/Tennis Elbow)

Tennis elbow is a tendonitis of the elbow’s external area; it is a pathology that can affect a lot of sporty, but not only. The repetition of hand movements can ignite some of the elbow tendons, which will cause pain. Using a hammer, painting frequently, and constantly using the computer mouse: all of these actions that can lead to this kind of tendonitis. Who is affected by this pathology can feel pain when repeating the movement that causes the Epicondylitis, or when unfolding the arm or even when grasping an object with outstretched arm.

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