Strengthen your muscles to increase endurance

Practiced intensively or as a leisure activity, sport isn’t just a matter of big muscles. It is a combination. And certain rules should be followed to avoid muscle soreness the next day. More and more frequently requested by top athletes, electrostimulation nowadays offers a wide range of solutions that can help you. First it was used to treat several pathologies, now it helps with muscular tone strengthening and facilitates recovery. Especially since Bluetens’ developed innovation, today physiotherapy can follow you everywhere thanks to your smartphone. You won’t need a second gym bag for your device, the first one will do just fine to house the miniaturized device and more than 100 programs tested and approved by the Bluetens team of physiotherapists.

Some tips before starting

Your colleague, who is a regular runner, invites you to join him. That is a perfect opportunity to restart the machine after a few months of inactivity. However, remember to start with some stretching exercises before that day: flexibility allows you to avoid injuries, improves blood circulation while increasing your ability to gain muscle mass. Conversely, abstain from this kind of exercise shortly before the effort. All specialists will tell you that it sedates muscles and deprives them of fresh blood, risking an elongation or a strain. Lastly, opt for a morning or afternoon workout in order to benefit from maximum concentration, more flexibility, strength and endurance.

Avoid false promises

It is almost 30 years since top athletes started using electrostimulation on a daily basis. And anyone who has experienced the physiotherapist’s office after a sprain knows well how electrostimulation greatly accelerates recovery. Curing, relaxing, and strengthening: these are the areas on which this technology focuses with real health benefits. However, do not bet everything on this practice to get “six pack” abs without doing anything, because it will not work. Use, instead, the electrostimulation as a training partner, as a guide that will help you achieve your goals. The different types of muscle strengthening programs proposed by Bluetens via its App are all combined with advices on the positions to be adopted during sessions, and with additional exercises.
It is the combination of both that will allow you to achieve the best results and you will notice the first benefits after 3 to 4 weeks of regular use.

One body, fifteen possibilities

Your body uses 300 muscles just to keep its balance while standing. Imagine how many muscles need to be used when playing squash! This is why it is important to strengthen your muscle mass and allow it to recover on a daily basis. The programs developed by Bluetens enables you to act on fifteen body parts and on all your joints. Back, shoulders, belly, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, arms, elbows…: you will certainly find the right program that fits your specific requirements.

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