Ten snack ideas to treat you in a light way !

The perfect snack? It’s fast, light, healthy and low-calorie, but yummy!

Snack has an amazing anti-hunger effect that allows us to approach lunch and dinner without the desire to feed what it seems a black hole, our stomach!

Monitoring our snacks’ calories is vital; therefore, if you are looking for snack ideas that won’t make you put on weight, this is the right post!

The ideal snack shouldn’t exceed 150 calories (based on a 2000 calories daily diet), more or less 7% of our daily calorie needs and should be composed of: carbs (90 calories), fat (40 calories) and proteins (20 calories).

Don’t forget that our body should be provided with food no longer than every 4 hours. According to your daily rhythm of life, do not hesitate to have a little snack, but always light!

If you feel like « Fresh fruit »

You can choose between 1 apple, 1 orange, ½ grapefruit, 1 medium peach, 3 medium apricots, 1 guava, 125g of cherries, ½ papaya, 125g of grapes, ½ melon, with two slices of crisp bread or crackers.

If you feel like « Yoghurt »

Opt for a low-fat yoghurt with cereals or with few pieces of fresh fruit.

If you feel like « Salty »

You can enjoy a sliced tomato with two small cubes of feta cheese and a sugar spoon of virgin olive oil; 8 small shrimps (without sauce!); 2 small cheese cubes (for ex. Emmenthal cheese); few baby carrots with 2 teaspoons of hummus; 50 g of turkey or chicken breast; 1 boiled potato. Carrots, peppers and pumpkins are a great source of “good” carbs.
For you to find the good mix that will delight your taste buds !

If you feel like “Sweet”

A small cereal muffin (only in the morning) or 2-3 low-fat biscuits, no matter what you will choose, your body will be delightfully pleased.

If you feel like « drinking something »

If you are not super hungry, but feel like drinking something, a glass of low-fat milk with your coffee or tea, or a fruit shakes will do. You can mix orange, carrot and lemon juices: they are awesome together!

If you are expecting

Not easy to be pregnant! “Don’t eat this, avoid that…”. Folic acid and vitamin B9 are most important for you: you can find them in citrus fruits, especially oranges, but also inside tomatoes and beans.

If you play sports

If you are the athletic type, you have right to 200-250 calorie snack. You can opt for ricotta cheese (60g), a sugar spoon of honey and wild berries; 30-50g of mixed nuts together with low-fat yoghurt. If you prefer to eat salty, 2 boiled eggs with salt and pepper will do.

If you are on a diet

Although your snack shouldn’t exceed 70-100 calories, you can have a small fruit and just one slide of crisp bread, or low-fat yoghurt without cereal or fruit.

If you are at work or at school

You definitely need something easy to eat! Try with 1 banana that will give you energy quickly; 1 cereal bar; or 1 small bowl of pop-corn (without butter).

If you are looking for something « exotic »

Try Japanese Edamame (immature soybeans boiled or steamed). This snack is rich in proteins and will kill your hunger.

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