Here is the Bluetens last born : the Duo Sport is wireless and allows you to recover, reinforce your muscles or relief the pain faster!
2 times more powerful, 2 times more efficient
Enjoy all the Bluetens electrostimulation efficiency in double!
The Duo Sport Bluetens : 2 powerful devices to definitely Get Better!

The Duo Sport box content

● 2 devices
● 4 snapcables: 2 of 15 cm & 2 of 25 cm
● 1 pouch to protect and cary all the two devices and their accessories
● 2 USB cables for recharge
● 2 Duo Sport wireless adapters
● 1 User manual

2 Packs of Sport electrodes : 4 M size electrodes and 8 S size electrodes
High quality electrodes for better conductivity and effect diffusion.

1 Protective pouch
The Pouch to store Bluetens and its accessories, to take the Duo Sport everywhere with you

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