Feeling well anywhere anytime

It is so small that you can take it wherever you go to treat, relax and strengthen you freely.


4000 years of history before the arrival of Bluetens

More than four millenniums ago in remote Egypt, people were already using fishes which generate electrical discharges for the treatment of various pathologies.





Italian doctor Luigi Galvani provides the first scientific evidence that electric current can activate muscles.

Electrotherapy devices make it to the health professionals, but remain difficult to use and extremely large.





Bluetens invents the 1st 25g connected electrostimulation device that revolutionizes the electrotherapy.

Bluetens active like you

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Take care of yourself

Bluetens uses two different stimulation
ways to soothe your pain
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Strengthen your muscles

Bluetens helps you to improve
your performance by strengthening
the muscle and developing its endurance
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On to the relaxation

Relaxation, recovery, unwind..
Forget fatigue and stress
with your Bluetens' massages.
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Reproducing all the effects of a massage

5 effects & sensations

Find all the electrotherapy’s effects in your Bluetens!


You will feel a diffuse effect, similar to swarming, a light and pleasant caress. We use such effect in order to relieve you from pain. It is a totally natural and effective technique that cuts the pain message transmission.



Brings you a real hitting sensation, increasing muscles’ temperature, while preparing them for exercise. You will have the feeling of the physiotherapist hitting your muscles with the edges of his hands.



This effect is the most used by physiotherapists during massage. A pacifying and relaxing sensation when the therapist’s hand glides over the skin. With respect to the intensity, the sensation will first be felt on the skin and, increasing the intensity, you will feel muscular tensions disappearing.



Such stimulation kneads and deeply relaxes your muscles. A soothing massage, improvement of blood circulation, cleaning of metabolites.
We use this effect to relax your muscles and promptly relieve tension.



You will feel your muscle contracting and relaxing, it’s a good sign, your muscular work is in full swing. This is how Bluetens is helping you to strengthen your muscle while toning it up. This action is often followed by a hitting effect to prepare your muscles for the next effort.

Start a session


Choose the part of the body

Slide the wheel and select among the 15 parts of the body for a targeted application.

Choose your program

There are more than 100 programs. They were all created by our health-professional experts.

Start the session!

Follow the electrodes placement instructions and start your session. Your Bluetens will automatically connect thanks to the Bluetooth technology.

Why is Bluetens unique?

We were the first to split the engine (Bluetens case) from the brain (the App).

  • Nomadic


Miniaturize the device to easily carry it everywhere.

  • Affordable


Lower its selling price since the most expensive technology is already part of your Smartphone.

  • Evolutionary


Ensure an evolutionary product, with already more than 150 programs and new functions at each update.

Activate your smartphone’s
well-being function


Bluetens is a certified Medical Device

All our products are designed and used by health and sport professionals

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