Electostimulation consists of stimulating your muscle by sending small electrical impulses with the aims of treatment, relaxation and strengthening. The electric pulse varies (in intensity and duration) and causes a physiological contraction without soliciting the central nervous system. The electrodes are then positioned on the area you want to work: ABS, thighs, chest, buttocks.


There are two types of electrotherapy: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). The first relieves pain by stimulating the secretion of endorphins while the second targets muscles through contraction. EMS’ main objective is to strengthen the muscle either in addition to physical exercise or as part of muscle rehabilitation.

What is TENS and where does it come from?

“The acronym TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation. Electrostimulation goes back to ancient Egypt (about 2500 BC). Stone tablets have been discovered engraved with the description of a technique for pain relief that consisted of using the shock produced by electric eels. Similarly, in the time of Socrates this technique was used to relieve arthritis pain and headaches. However, TENS really took off only after the Revolution when Italian physicist Luigi Galvani – the verb “”galvanize”” comes from Galvani – scientifically demonstrated for the first time the muscle activation by the current (1791).

It is not until 1965 that electrostimulation was recognized as a treatment and became systematized.”

How is electrostimulation effective against pain?

Nerve fiber lectrostimulation produces endogenous analgesics (called analgesic electrotherapy). These are pain-killing substances generated naturally by the body when we need it. They are mainly endorphins (neurotransmitters), which act on opioid receptors when secreted. Opioid receptors control our response to pain, stress and emotions.

Put simply, electrostimulation can block the transmission of pain information to the brain through the release of pain-killing substances. The feeling of pain will gradually disappear. By choosing the exact current and intensity you can perfectly target the analgesic action on the painful area based on the injury. In short, electrostimulation is undeniably effective.

How do Pain Relief Programs work?

Bluetens uses 2 different techniques to reduce pain: the first technique has been conceived for an immediate effect and the second one for a slower effect that persists in time. Without knowing it, we all instinctively use the first one: when we bang our elbow for instance we immediately rub the painful area. In this way, we are transmitting not only a pain message to our brain, but we are also sending out a “touch” message. This message, being quicker, will eventually block the “pain” message. This is exactly the natural technique we use in a more targeted and efficient way. The second technique stimulates endorphin production. Endorphin is a natural hormone inducing analgesic effects that will quickly bring a well-being sensation to the painful area. Once endorphins have been secreted, they will continue to work even after the program ended.

Who is electrostimulation for?

Everyone can use Electrostimulation since its uses range from simple muscle relaxation to intense muscle strengthening as well as treatment. Regardless of your athletic abilities, there are many situations in which electrostimulation can be used. Some examples are:
Relieving muscle pains and strains or postoperative pain. One program will cut the transmission of pain messages and help your body to resume normal activity more quickly.
After a long day at work where your back has been submitted to awkward positions, a suitable programme will relax the sore areas.
Following any physical exertion, another programme will help prevent aches and relax your muscles.
While practicing sport, there is a programme that will amplify the work done and will tone and strengthen your muscles.
When suffering from certain illnesses such as dermatological issues or after surgery, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor before using Bluetens as you will need to take special care.

What is a typical session of electrostimulation with Bluetens like?

Take the example of a typical muscle strengthening session after an injury to the right calf. Ensure you are sitting with your back straight, parallel legs and ankles placed on the floor. Set up your Bluetens, cables and electrodes. Choose the area of the body (calf), select the ‘Care’ action and click “GO!”. When clicking a program within the list, you will have access to its description. Make your selection and click “GO!” Next place the electrodes in the right place by following the anatomical diagram. The application now prompts you to turn on your Bluetens, after synchronizing for few seconds the session will begin.
Now relax and let Bluetens do its work

How long do the electrodes last?

The number of times the electrodes can be used depends on the condition of your skin (hair, skin type, etc.), where they are placed on your body and the type of treatment or care applied. Regularly check the state of your electrodes, when the gel no longer adheres to your skin properly it is a sign that they need changing.
Bluepacks are available on our web site (LINK – BLUE PACK). These are sets of 12 electrodes (3 packs of 4) identical to those which came with your Bluetens. Use them to replace your worn electrodes.
For reasons of hygiene and to keep your electrodes in good condition we advise you not to share electrodes.

How does Bluetens connect to my Smartphone?

Connection is automatic, as soon as you will launch the selected program. You won’t need to adjust your settings each time. You should only activate your Smartphone’s bluetooth function and voila!

What kind of battery does Bluetens use and how do I recharge it?

Bluetens runs on a lithium-ion battery and is easy to recharge using a micro-USB cable. Charging takes one hour and it provides you with 4-5 hours of treatment.

What are the risks to my muscles, joints and skin in the long and short term?

Electrotherapy and electrostimulation are techniques that have been practiced for many years and no major problems have been reported to date.

There are no associated risks as long as you follow the safety instructions. Occasionally harmless rashes may appear on sensitive skin. If this occurs, remove the electrodes and wash the area with soap and water. Rashes will disappear after a few minutes.

Bluetens is a medical device so you can use it with confidence.

What intensity level should I set my Bluetens to?

The intensity setting of the Bluetens depends on the chosen programme as well as the area being treated. We recommend you to start with the lowest intensity offered by the device and increase it to your desired level while remaining in your comfort zone.

How long will it take to see the first results?

If your goal is to control pain, the effect may be felt immediately depending on the type of pain and the treated area. You will notice a feeling of improvement as the sessions continue with the maximum benefit reached after 3 weeks of treatment. Although this will vary depending on your goal, when used regularly you will see an improvement in your muscle tone and in your general fitness level as early as after 3 to 4 week.

Can my Bluetens help me lose weight?

Electrostimulation alone does not help you in loosing weight, but when combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet it actively contributes to increased muscle tone and an improved shape.

Should I use my Bluetens before, during or after physical exercise?

It all depends on the desired result:
Before exercising, electrostimulation will prepare your muscles for physical activity,
During the exercise, electrostimulation can be used to strengthen your muscles while in action, in real time, increasing the efficiency of your workout.

After exercising, Bluetens helps stimulating your muscles to prevent aches.
In all three cases electrostimulation will have a positive and effective result by increasing blood circulation and accelerating muscle regeneration.

When is Bluetens use discouraged or contraindicated?

“People who have a pacemaker or who are epilepsy-prone must not use Bluetens. Pregnant women are also strongly discouraged from using it, as well as people suffering from hernisa or eventrations.

People with cardiac illness must avoid areas around the heart. You should not use Bluetens if you have:

– Implants or metal prosthetics in your body.

– Any heart irregularities or heart disease.

– Diabetes (loss of sense of touch)

– Serious blood circulation disorders of the lower limbs

If you have any doubt, please consult a doctor.

What safety measures should be taken into consideration before using Bluetens?

Please read the safety instructions in our online manual to ensure the device’s safest possible use.

– Do not use Bluetens in water or in a humid environment (sauna, balneotherapy or hammam, etc.).

– You must not place the electrodes on the carotid sinus (front of the neck), transcranial (through the head) or transthoracic (through the rib cage) regions. Please follow the advice on where to place the electrodes to avoid making mistakes. Advices have been drawn up by health professionals and correspond to the areas of the body where Bluetens will be most effective.

– Use only the electrode cables provided by Bluetens.

– Never connect the electrode cables to an external power source as this carries the risk of producing an electric shock.

– Do not use any damaged or defective electrode cables.

– Always use the USB cable provided by Bluetens to charge the device.

– Never use Bluetens or the USB cable if damaged.

– Keep the Bluetens and its accessories out of reach of children.

– Do not allow foreign objects (soil, water, metal, etc.) to enter the Bluetens.

– Do not use Bluetens while driving.

– Never recharge Bluetens while it is in use. There is a safety device (slider) that prevents it from being used and recharged at the same time. Do not remove this for any reason; it is there for added protection.

If you have any doubt, please consult a doctor.

How do I contact the Bluetens team?

For any question, help or request the Bluetens team can be contacted by email: service@bluetens.com. We will respond to you as soon as possible. To help us respond to your request quickly please provide your order number!

Where can I buy a Bluetens?

Bluetens is distributed by many major brands located close to your house and in some pharmacies. Click here to see all points of sale, or order it directly on our website. Shipping is free!

How is Bluetens so affordable? How do you explain the difference in price between devices?

Bluetens remains accessible to many people because its brain (your smartphone) is separated from its engine (the Bluetens). In other words we use the power of your smartphone combined with an app to control the Bluetens allowing us to keep the price low. Our competitors on the other hand must equip their devices with a screen and internal software in order to offer the same functions as the Bluetens. This explains the difference in prices (up to double or even triple our price), without our competitors being as evolutionary as Bluetens.

What is a CE medical device?

A CE medical device is a guarantee, obtained from an independent inspection organization, that the device complies with essential safety and performance requirements in the interest of the patient.

A CE medical certificate may be issued only when the manufacturer intends the device to be used on people for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease or injury. (Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC).

Is electrostimulation dangerous?

Healthcare professionals and major athletes have used Electrostimulation for many years. It is completely safe to use so long as you respect the device’s user guidelines and safety instructions.

What is the difference between M and S size electrodes?

M (medium) size electrodes, larger than S size electrodes, allow you to cover two body parts at the same time, for example both your thighs or calves.

Are there other accessories to complement my set?

In our shop you will find a very convenient satchel, ideal when travelling, and a belt clip for your Bluetens device.The clip allows you to have your hands completely free and to take full advantage of your strengthening or relaxation sessions. The satchel was designed to accommodate the device, your packs of 8 or 12 electrodes, the USB charging cable and the one connecting the electrodes.

What is Bluetens' battery life?

Bluetens is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery, with only one hour of charge (USB plug) you can use your Bluetens for 2 weeks on the basis of one program per day!

What will be the impact on my Smartphone's battery?

Bluetens is equipped with the latest very low consumption Bluetooth technology (BLE). It will not leave your Smartphone out of battery!

A connected object, what does it mean?!

A connected object is an object which use is facilitated by the connection to your Smartphone. If you already own a Smartphone, you already know how to use Bluetens! It is sufficient to activate the Bluetooth function and follow the App guidance.

It’s entirely “plug and play”, no pairing is needed. A single button on the Bluetens and a small knob to check the program intensity, there is no margin for error.

Can I use my Bluetens without Smartphone?

There is no problem if a connection has been previously carried out! There is an option in the App that allows you to store a program into Bluetens memory without having to use your Smartphone. Simply select the program of your choice, and send it to the memory (it takes only a few seconds).

And what about the price…?

Both App and updates are free of charge. The recommended retail price for Bluetens is 149€.

Are there any risks of using Bluetens?

Only 2 contraindications:

– People who have a pacemaker

– Pregnant women

Bluetens can be used several times a day, there is absolutely no problem. To assist you, check out our advices on the App on the frequency of use. Pain Relief Programs work as paracetamol, without side effects.