Duo Sport or Bluetens Classic?

Bluetens or Duo Sport

Which device will best take care of you?

Here we look at the two devices - The Bluetens Classic, designed as an entry point to tackle common pain issues (such as sprains, lower back or tendonitis), provide massage or muscle strength and The Duo Sport, our top of the range product for sports use.

Bluetens Classic

Ideal for medical use in pain relief. The Classic is also recommended for occasional sportspeople who are trying out electrostimulation for the first time.

3 modes: Pain relief, massage, muscle strengthening

Action: 100 programs for 15 body parts

Device with cable connected to 4 electrodes. Wireless accessory available.


Duo Sport

For sportspeople who want to integrate electrostimulation into their training and competitions.

2 wireless devices with access to the same App functionalities as the Bluetens Classic

Split Function: launch two different programs at the same time

Control the intensity of each device

Work on two body areas simultaneously


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To take care of yourself

EMS: muscular stimulation

Athletic Performance


TENS: Electrotherapy

Pain relief solution