The box generates a low intensity electric current that will stimulate your muscles to relax and strengthen them or stimulate your nerves to soothe all types of pain. There are two kinds of electrostimulation: TENS (transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation) and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). The first is to relieve pain by stimulating the secretion of endorphins as well as cutting the transmission of the pain message, while the second targets the muscles by contracting them for the purpose of recovery or strengthening. Our products cover both types of stimulation. For more information, go to the Electrostimulation page.

The excitation by the electrical stimulation of the nerve fibers makes it possible to produce endogenous analgesics (one speaks then of analgesic electrotherapy), substances generated naturally by the organism. These are mainly endorphins (neurotransmitters) which, when secreted, act on opiate receptors which have the function of modulating the response to pain, stress and emotions.

Clearly, electrostimulation makes it possible to block the sending of information about pain to the brain by the release of pain-relieving substances. The sensation of pain then gradually disappears. The precision of the currents and the choice of intensity make it possible to perfectly target the analgesic action on the painful area according to the pathology. In conclusion, electrostimulation is undeniably effective.

Anyone can use electrostimulation since it ranges from simple muscle relaxation to intense muscle strengthening, including natural pain relief programs. Whether you are athletic or not, you can use electrostimulation:

● In order to relieve all types of pain, a program will cut off the transmission of the painful message and help your body to resume activity more quickly.
● After a day of work where your back has been subjected to bad posture. A suitable program will relax the sore areas.
● Following any physical exertion. A program will allow you to avoid stiffness and relax your muscles.
● While practicing a sport. A program will amplify the work done and thus tone and strengthen the muscles.

In the case of certain pathologies, in particular dermatological or postoperative related to special precautions, it is preferable to seek advice from your doctor before using Bluetens.

Take the example of a classic muscle building session following an injury to the right calf. Get into a seated position with your back straight, legs parallel and ankles resting on the floor. Take your Bluetens, the cable and the electrodes and launch the application. Select the area of the body (calf) and choose the “Reinforcement” action then click on “GO!". You access the list of the different programs, the description of which is available by clicking on them. Make your choice and click on “GO!". The next step shows you the exact location of the electrodes, place them following the anatomical drawing. The application now asks you to turn on your Bluetens, after a few seconds of synchronization, the session begins.

Used for a long time by health professionals as well as by serious athletes, electrostimulation does not present any risk for health as long as one respects the safety instructions of the device as well as the conditions of use.

It all depends on the desired result. Before exercise, electrostimulation prepares the muscle (s) for physical activity. During exercise, electrostimulation makes it possible to strengthen the muscle in action in real time, which increases the efficiency of the physical effort carried out. After physical exertion, Bluetens will cleanse the muscle and thus prevent stiffness.

Electrical stimulation in all three cases will have a positive and effective result since it increases blood circulation and accelerates muscle regeneration.

If you are looking to target pain, the effect may be immediate depending on the pain and the area being treated.  The feeling of improvement is perceptible as the sessions progress and reaches its peak after 3 weeks of treatment. Although this varies according to the objective sought, you will be able to see an improvement in muscle tone and in general your physical condition as early as 3 or 4 weeks.

Electrostimulation alone does not make you lose weight, but in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet, it actively contributes to strengthening muscle tone and refining your figure.

Directly in the Application you have the possibility of connecting to a professional medical team to help you achieve your goals, whether they are wellness or sports. Go to the Premium function, fill out the form, proceed to payment and in the next few days you will receive a personalized program to follow over several weeks consisting of physical exercises, electrostimulation sessions.

Electrodes are consumables that must be changed every 20/30 uses. It all depends on your skin type and the care given to them. When you feel that they no longer adhere, that the gel is starting to dry out: don't hesitate to change them. Likewise, if you experience any unusual and unpleasant tingling sensations. In the bag, you will find useful advice for the use of the device. For reasons of hygiene and to keep your electrodes in good condition, we also advise you to keep them for personal use.

Electrostimulation is a method that has been used for decades by physiotherapists. As long as the safety instructions are followed, you will not run any risk.

Rare benign redness may appear on the most sensitive skin. In this case, remove the electrodes and wash the area with soap and water. Wait a few minutes for them to disappear.

Bluetens is a certified medical device. You can use it with complete peace of mind.

It is the guarantee (obtained from an independent control body) that the device complies with the essential regulatory requirements for safety and performance, in the interest of the patient.

The medical certificate can be issued if the device is intended, by its manufacturer, to be used in humans for purposes such as, in particular, diagnosis, prevention, control, treatment, alleviation of a disease or of an injury (Directive 93/42 / EEC relating to medical devices).

The connection is automatic between the electrostimulator and the Application. Once the Bluetooth of the Smartphone or tablet is activated, the connection will be made when launching the program on the Application.

An option in the App allows you to send a program to the Bluetens memory for use without a Smartphone.

You just need to select the program of your choice, send it to memory (it only takes a few seconds), turn on your device and turn the adjustment wheel, the program begins. "

The Bluetens classic and the Duo Sport work with a lithium-ion battery and can be recharged simply using a USB cable with a Micro-USB socket. The charging time is one hour for 4 to 5 hours of use.

Bluetens devices are equipped with the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. There is no impact on the Smartphone battery.

It is forbidden for people equipped with a pacemaker or prone to epilepsy to use electrostimulation. Use is also strongly discouraged for people with a hernia or an eventration and for pregnant women on the abdominal region.

Avoid areas around the heart for people with a weak heart and ask your doctor for advice if you have:

• Metal implants or prostheses in the body (excluding dental and IUDs).
• Heart irregularities or heart disease.
• Diabetes (sensitivity disorder)
• Severe blood circulation problems in the lower limbs

Please contact us if you have any doubts.

Our devices are distributed by many large brands near you and in some pharmacies. To find out about all the points of sale, click on the store symbol of the points of sale at the top right of the site, or order one directly via our website. Delivery is free.

Our devices are accessible to as many people as possible because the brain (your Smartphone) has been dissociated from the motor (the electrostimulator). In other words, we use the power of the Smartphone and the app to control the Bluetens classic or the Duo Sport, which allows us to keep the price low. Conversely, the competition must equip their devices with a screen and must therefore load them with components. You will therefore see price differences ranging from double to triple, without competing devices being as progressive as ours.


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