Natural pain relief solution


Electrotherapy, or TENS, is a natural solution for easing pain. It is an effective alternative with no side effects, to normal medicated solutions that we know are harmful to the body. Bluetens is the solution chosen for patients in hospitals, pain centres and physiotherapy rooms. Used by health professionals daily, electrotherapy is now accessible to all thanks to Bluetens.

Pain relief

Non medicated pain relief solution


Totally natural and with no side effects, it's the solution to take care of yourself

Bluetens uses 2 modes of stimulation to ease your pain, one has an immediate effect, called "Gate Control" and a slower one which lasts over time, called "Burst".

Get better now

Muscle care

To care for muscle fibre


● Stress relief

● Prevention of muscle loss

● Muscle relaxant


Everything you need to take care of your muscles.


Blood circulation

To stimulate and improve circulation


Do you suffer from circulation trouble or venous drainage?

We have specially designed programs to improve the circulatory dynamic, avoid venous stasis and reduce the feeling of pain, or heaviness felt in the lower limbs.


Athlete's needs

Strengthening & Recovery


Need a muscle relaxant, for active recovery after exercise? The Classic knows what to do! Massage programs will help your muscles to relax and to regenerate to be able to be up and running again.

Small but strong, the Classic offers a range of strengthening programs to target and improve many properties of your muscles.


Bluetens Classic

Live fully without pain


  Certified medical device

  More than 300,000 users


Go better now, and for a long time

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