Online Troubleshooting


I can't download the Bluetens App

Here are the steps to follow to download the Bluetens Application:

1. Make sure your phone is compatible:


Smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), Android version 12 or above 


iPhone 6, iOS 13 or above

2. Make sure you have enough space on your smartphone and go to this link:



3. Install the app, launch it and follow the instructions!

To find out if your smartphone is compatible, make sure it has the following minimum requirements:

Android Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

Android version 4.3 or above

iPhone iPhone 4S or above

iOS 8 or above

If you get the error message "please connect the electrode cable" while trying to run a program, your cable might be defective. Please contact our customer service by clicking on "CONTACT US" at the bottom of the page so we can assist you.

Thanks !