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I can't find the part of the body to be treated

With the exception of the pectoral muscles for the Bluetens Classic, you can treat areas that are not in the App. For pain relief, place the electrodes directly on the painful area.

You'll find a description of each programme to help you choose. 

Do you have a specific medical condition? Don't forget to look under Generic Treatment! There you'll find long-term programmes to treat a range of conditions.

Go even further with the Premium function, which puts you in touch with a healthcare professional for a personalised treatment (paying option).

1. Pain relief

You can continue your activity while Bluetens relieves your pain. However, we advise you not to overdo it and to take advantage of the programme to rest.

 2. Massages

Whether it's a classic massage or a recovery programme, your muscles should be completely relaxed, so adopt a comfortable position.

3. Strengthening

Although electrostimulation will technically act on your muscles even if you're not moving, we advise you to combine the strengthening programmes with physical exercise.

If your device turned off when attempting to update the firmware, please follow the reset procedure here.

When the electrodes no longer adhere to the skin, it's time to change them. 

We advise you to follow the care instructions in each electrode pack as closely as possible.

In summer or winter, take care not to expose them to heat.

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